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21. 4. 2018

10 most breathtaking views in the Green Karst, Slovenia!

Green Karst is one of the most beautiful corners of the world. It`s located in the picture perfect Slovenia, Europe and it offers some breathtaking views. From the highest peaks to the depths of mysterious underground it is full of unusual and wild nature. See it for yourself!

Slovenia has more than 11.000 underground caves. This mysterious world offers some of the best views in the world. "The port of Venice" in Križna cave is a must see! (Križna cave, Slovenia)
Dissapearing lakes are unique natural phenomenon in karst landscape. Blink and you might miss it! (Palčje lake, Slovenia)
The most beautiful castle vith an amazing view. The castle of Predjama is a home of many legends and myths. (Predjama, Slovenia)
The peaceful rural environment is a perfect getaway for those who live in a fast paced world. (Green Karst, Slovenia)
Dry lake beds look like the landscape on an alien planet! (Cerknica lake, Slovenia) 
The storm over green fields and villages! (Green Karst, Slovenia)
Amazing sunsets can be found everywhere. Take your time and enjoy! (Park of military history Pivka, Slovenia)
Rivers carve throughout the soft stone, creating amazing natural wonders! (Rakov Škocjan, Slovenia)
Forests hide many secrets! (Snežnik castle, Slovenia)
Underground world awaits you! (Pivka cave, Slovenia)