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The Postojna cave, 21. 4. 2018

The Postojna cave is once more in the centre of attention. We have witnessed for the first time the olm (proteus anguinus) laying its eggs in a tourist cave. One of the human fish started laying its eggs in the aquarium in Postojna cave. Aquarium has been darkened and protected so that olm and its eggs can be in peaceful and stress-free environment.

Scientists have observed olm laying its eggs in capture only twice in laboratories in Kranj (Slovenia) and in Moulise (France). Reproduction cycle lasts from 7 to 8 years. During three weeks, female lays around 70 eggs, which measure 12 mm in diameter. It is believed that the female olm stays with the spawn until 2 cm large larvae hatch. They have wide head with well seen eyes. Their short front legs have already developed three small fingers, but the back legs are not yet developed. Human fish matures after 14 years and can live for 100 years.

The miracle of birth in Postojna cave is definitely a unique event, which has caused excitement in the scientific circles but it has also touched the hearts of employees. We will keep you posted about the further development in our “cave nursery”.