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The Traditional Bloke Cross-country Skiing Festival

The Traditional Bloke Cross-country Skiing festival is organized in the cradle of skiing, Bloke. It is usually organized on the first Sunday of February, with the start and finish line in Nova vas. The skiers can undertake the short (seven kilometres) or long (20 kilometres) course. Every year, a large number of visitors attend the festival and enjoy the natural beauty and the company of friendly locals.

Carnival "Pust je pršu"

In Ilirska Bistrica, a traditional carnival procession is organized, titled “Pust je pršu”. During Carnival, the locals dress up as the “Škoromati”, who drive away winter by clanging their bells. The “Škoromati” are very old and traditional Carnival masquerades of the Brkini Hills area. These characters are a true ethnographic speciality. Their origins date back to the 14th century, and are believed to be the oldest Carnival masquerades in Slovenia.

Cerknica Carnival Festival

Carnival is certainly the most popular festival in the Cerknica area. Year after year, new figures, masquerades, devils, dormice, witches, the “Butalci”, pike, as well as other lake and marsh creatures, participate in the Carnival procession through the main street in Cerknica exactly at 12.32 pm, drawing a crowd from across Slovenia.

In the Land of the Ostrnica

During the first annual mowing, piles of stacked hay also known as “ostrnica,” which were once vital for high quality dried hay, are erected in the pastures of the Loka Valley A true “ostrnica” is made of a pruned birch or fir tree top, secured firmly into the ground to prevent buckling under the weight of the hay. During this period, the locals organize the traditional ethnological tourist event “In the Land of the Ostrnica”, where old mowing- and ostrnica-related traditions are practiced.

Snežnik Castle Medieval Fair

Snežnik Castle is one of the most important cultural and historical monuments and is a unique museum of the 19th century lifestyle, and is at the same time the only castle in Slovenia that is still originally furnished. The castle is surrounded by a country-style park, comprising several avenues, clearings, an artificial lake, and walking paths. A true medieval tournament and fair are organized in the spring in the idyllic surroundings of Snežnik Castle.

Live Christmas Crib in Postojna Cave
The Live Christmas crib in Postojna Cave bringing alive the biblical story of Jesus’ birth in the most beautiful underground caverns. Visitors can admire the nativity scenes while strolling through the renowned cave. The manger is displayed from 26 December to 6 January.


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Drivers' Festival

The Drivers’ Festival, which strives to revive old traditions of the driving region, is held in the beginning of July. The procession of various types of horse carriages is additionally diversified by a display of traditional Slovenian crafts. This traditional whole-day ethnological event in Postojna includes a display of traditional crafts and arts, an accordion competition, a drivers’ procession, and an entertaining programme.

Michael's Fair
Every year the locals display traditional crafts, such as basket weaving, shoemaking, manufacturing of wooden products, and Bloke skis. Because there is no fair without the taste of good local cuisine, the organizers prepare “kavra” for the visitors-cabbage in clay pots, served with wooden spoons.
Farmer - Forester: Past and Present

The event takes place every August in the Toplar hayrack in Belsko and has become very popular over the years. It's aim is to present typical Slovenian peasant and forestry traditions and customs in order to make rural, agricultural and forestry-related professions more appealing for the local youth. There are several commercial stands offering agricultural and domestic products.

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