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The Green Karst is a site of unique nature, as well as cultural and historical landscapes, with vast forests and typical karst features. The untouched location provides shelter for numerous endangered species and types of animals and plants; that is why the Natura 2000 network comprises as much as 54% of the territory, which is the largest in Slovenia.

The area of the Green Karst contains the most beautiful internationally renowned Slovenian caves: the Postojna Cave, the Cave below Predjama Castle, the Križna Cave, and the Planina Cave... Above the mysterious subterranean world are the paragons of cultural heritage, such as the Predjama Castle, Snežnik Castle, and Prem Castle. Travelling on foot or by bicycle will also offer you the chance to discover the less known cultural peculiarities, such as the stone crosses (“pillars”) in the Pivka region, or smaller ethnographic collections.