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  • The Great Krpan Trail
  • The Brkini Fruit road
  • The Krpan Trail on the Bloke Plateau
The Great Krpan Trail
Address Kolodvorska cesta 51, 6257 Pivka
Telephone +386 (0)5 721 21 80, +386 (0)31 775 002
The hiking trail was named after Martin Krpan the legendary Slovene national hero who beheaded a Turkish opponent in the imperial Vienna. All fans of long hiking trails in nature will come into their own. The marked trail is 91km long and links the entire Notranjsko-Karst Region. On a few-days tour, numerous monuments of natural and cultural heritage have a lot to offer. The trail begins at the railway station in the town of Pivka and leads the way over the Javornik mountain chain to Lake Cerknica through the Loka Valley by the Snežnik Castle and ascends to the Bloke Plateau. From there it descends along Mount Slivnica to Lake Cerknica and takes you to the Rakov Škocjan Valley. In the last section, the path ascends over Mount Kalič and towards the town of Postojna where it ends at the railway station. Along the path you will learn about historical places, numerous cultural monuments, castle ruins and preserved mansions. You can closely observe typical karst phenomena and with a little luck spot a deer or stag, the Corncrake, Hazel Hen, Ural Owl, dragonfly and other rare or endangered species. Hikers will find maps of the Great Krpan trail, guides and marks very useful. The trail is also suitable for a three-day hiking trip in the Green Karst or for shorter one-day trips.
  • The Great Krpan Trail
The Brkini Fruit road
Address Vojkov drevored 14, 6250 Ilirska Bistrica
Telephone +386 (0)5 710 02 61
Once, almost every farm in the Brkini Hills region used to cook brandy, dry fruit and make homemade apple vinegar. Today once again, more and more farms process fruit so you can buy apple juice or vinegar, dried fruit and fruit schnapps. Around 120 fruit farmers are nowadays engaged in fruit growing and 63 farms from the area of the municipalities of Pivka, Ilirska Bistrica, Divača and Kozina-Hrpelje cooperate in the project called The Brkini Fruit Road.
  • The Brkini Fruit road
The Krpan Trail on the Bloke Plateau
Address Nova vas 46, 1385 Nova vas
Telephone +386 (0)31 326 158
Distance 20 km, v različici s povirjem Iške 24 km
The trail is flat and suitable for everyone. Most hikers complete it in four to five hours. The trail has three entry points: Nova vas, Velike Bloke and Volčje. It will take you along the town of Volčje, Lake Bloke, through the villages of Sv. Duh, Ravnik and Gradiško with a splendid view of the entire Notranjska Region. The trail continues through the village of Zavrh, passes by the church of St. Ulrich and the remains of the Fajgl Homestead where Martin Krpan lived and the villages of Zales, Sveta Trojica, Velike Bloke and over the slopes of Mount Bradatka and back to Lake Bloke. It is not only a recreational walk in picturesque nature but also a very educational trip. During the trip you will discover numerous cultural and other attractions like the sculpture of the ox of Bloke, the “pajštaba” – area for drying fruit, the Bočko Sawmill, the bridge of Napoleon crossing Bloščica Creek and a few beautifully preserved churches. On the plain along Bloščica Creek, stretch extensive wet meadows which are among the best preserved in Slovenia.
  • The Krpan Trail on the Bloke Plateau
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